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UGG snow boots in recent years, autumn and winter fashion tide goods, many people in the purchase of UGG shoes will hear a professional term: anti-fur. Miss sales is always used to produce anti-fur technology UGG snow boots to wear a particularly comfortable breathable, then anti-fur in the end is what kind of process? UGG official website Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.
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Anti-fur is also called turn fur, it refers to the leather or sheepskin hair, not smooth that side. Anti-fur material in the processing of both sides are fur, leather made of anti-fur shoes are also called suede shoes, some models of UGG snow boots is made with anti-fur craft made.

Anti-fur shoes wearing comfortable, breathable performance is particularly good, elegant appearance, wear-resistant. But its shortcomings are easy and difficult to maintain. Especially in the road environment is not good circumstances, suede shoes easy to inhale dust, water will make lint lodging. After the anti-fur shoes dirty, if dry wipe can not afford to stain. You can first scrub with a damp cloth, and then placed in a cool place to dry. In the upper shoes do not dry dry, with a bristle brush dipped in some twist, light on the upper, the upper hair will be fluffy up. And then after a period of time blowing dry, hair will be able to restore the status quo.

UGG official website Xiaobian below for you to introduce the daily maintenance of anti-fur shoes, not only for anti-denim leather shoes, for the sheepskin material UGG snow boots are also applicable. UGG snow boots when cleaning the best use of professional tools and cleaning agents.
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Required tools: soft brush, shoe support, cleanser, refurbished, sponge, hygienic ball. The same time as the above-

Maintenance steps:

1, ash:

Wipe the dust on the surface of the shoe with a damp, soft cloth (or velvet cleanser). When wiping, wipe all the suede pieces of the shoe, so that they can not only wipe the part. Shoes, the edge of the soft cloth can not rub the place with a velvet leather brush with a special rub soaked in water.

2, how to remove grease

Can not wipe the grunge or dirt, you can use velvet skin clean sand gently rub on the dirt, like a child writing homework eraser like. The effect of frosting blocks is to remove stains or make them lighter in color. And then the surface of the shoes frosted pieces of clean particles clean, with velvet leather brush on the surface of the brush gently pull the hair, to a direction in the carding, so that villi upright to restore the original style.

3, after cleaning the conservation

With the velvet renovation spray spray the whole leather, the first shake before use, the tank to maintain a vertical 90 degrees angle, about 20 cm from the leather surface, spray directly on the leather leather surface, to the color evenly, until the natural dry. As the tanning process is different, the velvet renovation spray first in the velvet skin inside a small area of spraying, such as no color and other problems, and then the overall spraying. Each spray can only press the nozzle for a few seconds to prevent the formation of droplets and downstream. When spraying, please isolate light objects to prevent staining.
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Need to pay attention to things, whether it is clean up the cowhide material suede shoes or sheepskin material UGG snow boots, when the leather sticky grease, any decontamination products can not be completely removed, the best effect can only be the color shallow. Winter snow sometimes there will be used to melt the snow on the industrial salt, this salt will be attached to the turn on the fur, if not timely cleaning will leave a very difficult to remove the white mark, so in the snow wearing UGG snow boots out After the timely cleaning and maintenance of boots.

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