1 UGG snow boots ash. (Available vacuum cleaner)
2  First with shoes to support UGG boots. (Wooden shoes with shoe-shaped support may vary)

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3   With a special  UGG snow boots brush . Note that copper mainly deal with heavier parts and the polished parts. First brush with a rubber face one direction, with the side seams. Circular motion rub the stain at the focus, then copper rub.
4  Wipe with a damp sponge UGG boots, the upper wet. The main purpose is to deal with water-soluble substances.

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5 Shake cleaner sprayed on the surface. Brush with a rubber brush back and forth on both sides of the fiber so that the stains are removed, dirty, dry foam sponge with the tide.
6  Hanging ten minutes, so UGG snow boots hair a little dry, but also some wet face one direction with a rubber brush, the hair spread out, finishing.

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7  Dry for half an hour, UGG snow boots surface protection Cypriot newspapers shoes dry, 15 cm away from the shoe spray update agent. Update agent containing polishes, colloid (enhanced adhesion of other materials), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture of substances) and the like. The main purpose spray update agent is complementary color. Black UGG snow boots to wear long easy to highlight the best agent with the character update.

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